Out now:
SFD - The Complete Works
2 CD compilation featuring all 3 demos, the Regeneration album plus previously unreleased tracks from one of West Australia's most underrated bands.
Out now:
Bezerker - Lost: Remastered
Legendary Aussie thrash metal pioneers release the long-awaited remastered CD version of their classic debut with 3 bonus tracks
Out now:
Renegade - Total Armageddon
Official re-press of this cult classic from one of Australia’s earliest thrash bands. Features 12 tracks including the 1985 demo.
Out now:
Aggressa - Nuclear Death
Available for the first time on CD. Contains the original 7 tracks from 1988 plus demo versions and an unreleased track.
Out now:
Dejan Toracki - Atmospheric Disturbance
Instrumental metal that offers powerful, rocking high-gain riffs, interspersed with blinding and complex lead guitar arrangements.
Out now: Rebel Wizard cassettes! The first four releases of the new wave of negative metal, limited to 100 copies each!
Ruined - Only the Negative
will save us
Demo EP
The Way of the Negative Wizard EP
Miserable Mythical Creatures